Generators available from Multilec Generator Services

We supply and manufacture an extensive range of diesel generator systems and components for large mining and industrial applications in Africa. Our certified factory actively enforces international quality standards. We are official agents for highly reputable brands and also manufacture our own range of generator systems.

Latest Designs, Functionality & Safety

Our highly skilled technical team regularly reviews generator designs in order to provide improvement recommendations. Safety is of paramount focus, which is why we supply only the best quality components in production. All wiring is clearly marked and isolated by individual circuit breakers. Each set is meticulously inspected prior to delivery, including the change-over functionality on switching from municipal power to diesel power.

Professional High Capacity Diesel Generator Rigging

With rural, mining and industrial clients across South and Sub-Saharan African countries, we have experience in exporting our diesel generator systems and we offer professional rigging services across significant distances.

Generator Supply & Service You Can Trust

We strive to become long-term partners with our customers, since a sizable part of our business is built on word-of-mouth referrals. We achieve this by providing reliable services, valuable support and affordable component supplies.

Our range of generators includes the following

Manual Start Generators

Auto Start Generators

Synchronised Generators

Silent Canopy Sets

Containerised Gen Sets

Weatherproof Canopy Sets

Mobile Gen Sets

Portable Generators

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